Hours: Fri & Sat, 11-4:30, Sun: 11-4

Hours: Fri & Sat: 11-4:30, Sun: 11-4

Cheese & Cutting Boards

We make our boards with high quality, kiln dried hardwoods that are sourced locally when possible. Since all of our boards are made with hardwood, the only difference between a cheese/serving board and a cutting board is your intent for use. If you plan to use it as a cheese/serving board with dull knives, our beautiful food safe colored resin boards would be a great option. If you plan to use it for chopping with sharp knives, you can choose a plain hardwood board, a lightly engraved (with no color resin fill because it will get scratched) board or go the route of choosing a cheeseboard with resin but using the backside as your chopping surface. This way, you have 3 functions in one board - cheeseboard, cutting board and decor for your shelf. All of our boards are finished with pure mineral oil, vitamin E, natural beexwax and coconut oil.
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